Saturday, 4 August 2018

The Cunning


I know you can hear me, feel me. I am the one who stays as uninvited guest embedded in you. I lure you into the darkest pit, blinds you of the obvious, and envisions you of the things which will eventually hurt you, and break you into shards. I could topple your world. Making promises on your behalf, I show you dreams which you would never experience. I walk beside you as your companion but in reality I am your most dreadful enemy. I break you, bit by bit, until you cannot hold anymore. I hit you where it hurts until you cannot tolerate anymore. I stare at your sorry eyes and bring you to your knees. And then when you finally realise how your life has exploded into fragments, you would be too weak to gather the pieces. I am here, and will be, always.

Yours Sincerely,


Picture courtesy: A writer and his thoughts, meaning in life. 


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