Monday, 12 August 2019

You shall be there, always;

She gave me peace, like a morning coffee. Her laughter was like the very first sip. You savor it and wish you could retain it until your last breath.

Like its aroma, her fragrance ascended shyly and kissed my soul with ecstasy.

I was myself, when around her, and yet so not myself.

In the lee hours, I think about her.

The picture of her hair dancing flamboyantly at her shoulder. Her gaze, slipping into my soul, as if it had an intention to steal. The touch of her fingers, carelessly sucking the breath out of me.

It gives me peace. Makes me feel weightless at my feet.

I smile like a fool, until I realize that in a matter of seconds the picture would tear itself apart.

Was the feeling mutual? Certainly not.

It was something that I could not possess. Perhaps I was not supposed to. The best things in the world are better left unattained. It is just to be felt and preserved in our memory, like a beautiful memento.


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