Monday, 13 April 2015

Better half of my life

The feeling of ecstasy followed by a notion of reminisce and nostalgia. Tonight marks an end to the most celebrated span of my life - my college life. The events that passed in a span of four years of college life had blurred most of its memories. And now, I lay here looking forward to start a new life. A life with new footsteps, new environment and new people. Leaving behind a series of best moments I walk towards an unending destination. It frightens me, the loneliness that would follow thereafter. It feels as if I am about to leave a better half of my life behind. But, here I am, looking forward to a brand new rising sun.

Final Days.
The five of us.

Signature day.
College uniform turns into a memento.

And finally, the Farewell.
And thus, we became adults.


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